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House of SEMI (Maison des SEMI) is providing services all over Canada and especially in Montreal with all computer
needs. It has been a pioneer in providing high quality computer components and systems to businesses and homes.
In addition to all major brand name computer systems, House of SEMI is famous for its custom build systems
according to the needs of each customer, whether for private or commercial use. In building new systems there
are certain standards that we will not go below and the secret to be successful in the computer industry is to
follow the simple rules:

• Best customer service • Highest quality components • Expert staff • Compatibility • Free and honest consultation

This is why none of the other computer companies can offer our kind of services to customers, and that is the why
do not have any real competitors! If you are looking for the best quality, highest performance and the greatest
friendly service at its lowest price, come to our House.
But if you do not care for these qualities and looking to save a penny by cutting down performance, GO SEE THE COMPUTER STORE ON THE CORNER TODAY BECAUSE PROBABLY TOMORROW THEY ARE NOT GOING TO BE THERE!